• I write a humorous weekly newspaper column called "Raising Mommy" in papers throughout southern California. It began in 2004 after my first son was born. I'm a proud member of a large Irish Catholic family (youngest of 8), and I draw on my life experiences and mishaps to inform and guide me in motherhood. Then I write about it. I'm happily married to a Sicilian from New York City and we have two boys, a year and five months apart. These are my published stories...
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June 26, 2012


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When Madison Avenue uses a picture of someone (a woman), the posture is always a ballet like super flexible out of reach for most mortals yoga posture. It is easy to understand a man's reluctance, or anyone's reluctance, to sign up for a class. But if you look behind all the salesmanship, the true picture of yoga emerges.

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